Fluorescent Nanoscopy

Discover the invisible

Fluorescent Nanoscopy is a breakthrough technology for optical microscopy suited for live cell imaging with tens times enhanced resolution. It helps develop new drugs and materials, achieve breakthrough results in fundamental research and to improve clinical and QA tests. This can be done by both increasing resolution in cell research and increasing data density on surfaces of microarrays. The technology has a strong IP protection and gives an opportunity to create new markets.
Stereonic LLC is dedicated to development and marketing of the Fluorescent Nanoscopy technology - a technology for optical microscopy suited for 3D color live cell imaging with resolution down to 2nm. We develop devices and protocols tuned for basic research, pharma development, diagnostics, quality assurance, materials design and other tasks. Our key products are devices, supplies, licenses for the core technology to adjacent markets and licenses for components (illumination and detection subsystems) as well as research outsourcing.